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12 Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Who Are Not Saiyan Nation

When we talk about the strongest characters in Dragon Ball, usually the ones that come to mind are Saiyan names. Vegeta, Goku, Broly.

Even so, there are many strongest characters in Dragon Ball who are not Saiyans, you know. They are also not of Saiyan descent like Gohan, Goten, Trunks.

  1. Zeno

The strongest character in Dragon Ball is definitely Zeno.

He is the ruler of the Dragon Ball multiverse, and his powers have proven to be terrifying. Zeno’s strength is way beyond reason so if it were to face him, there might not be a fight. Zeno just annihilate his enemy.

  1. Grand Priest

This Grand Priest is classified as an angel.

Even so, she got a separate number from Whis… because her strength seemed to surpass other angels.

Because his strength is indeed beyond Whis.

  1. Whis and his brothers and sisters

Whis and his angelic brothers and sisters felt equal in strength.

They all felt extraordinarily powerful, far beyond the God of Destruction to his horror.

  1. Beerus

Beerus is the God of Destruction.

As powerful as figures like Frieza, Goku, Vegeta, and the others were, he and the other Gods of Destruction still felt stronger.

  1. Frieza

Before Goku reached Super Saiyan, Frieza felt like the strongest warrior in the universe. His strength far surpasses that of other fighters.

Once he trains hard, he reaches the form of the Golden Frieza.

Then in the Dragon Ball Super manga, in chapter 87 he is said to have found a kind of Soul Space and Time. After training there, he attained the form of Black Frieza which even surpassed Gas, Ultra Ego Vegeta, and Ultra Instinct Goku.

  1. Gas

This gas is part of the Heeter family.

Thanks to a request to Toronbo, the Dragon God on Planet Cereal, Gas becomes the strongest fighter in the universe. Even beyond Granolah.

Even so, Gas’ lifespan was also cut like Granolah. By the time of his death, Gas’ appearance was already looking bad.

  1. Granola

Granolah’s race is Cerealian.

Thanks to a request from Toronbo, the Dragon God on Planet Cereal, Granolah was once the strongest fighter in the universe.

With his fighting techniques, tactics, and new powers, Granolah was able to beat Goku and Vegeta.

Even so, as a consequence, Granolah’s life now only had 3 years left.

  1. Moro

Moro is the villain of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner plot.

He’s so strong there, and he has so many tricks, that fighters like Goku, Vegeta, Buu, and others have a hard time defeating him.

  1. Cell Max

Cell Max is the enemy of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

This one character feels extraordinarily strong in the film.

  1. Jiren

Jiren is not from Universe 7, Goku’s universe.

This he is from Universe 11, and seems to be the strongest fighter out there.

Even in the Tournament of Power, he was felt as the strongest fighter, surpassing other universe fighters. Figures like Hit and Goku had beaten him.

Goku needs to reach Perfect Ultra Instinct to be able to surpass Jiren.

  1. Piccolo (in Orange form)

Piccolo already felt as the strongest Namekian before. But there is a huge gap between Piccolo and a fighter like Goku.

After reaching the form of Orange Piccolo, his strength increases greatly.

In his notes for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Toriyama admits he is happy that Piccolo is now on par with Goku and co. So in that movie he’s probably Goku’s equivalent.

  1. Buu

Buu remaining in Universe 7 now is good Buu.

Even so make no mistake, this good Buu is still very, very strong.

Buu is still hard to hurt, and still powerful. Maybe because of this he was also put to sleep at some important moments, like before the Tournament of Power.

In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, this Buu can even unlock the power of Grand Supreme Kai and become even more formidable.

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