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5 Gundams with the Most Deadly Weapons

Discussing the weapons in a Gundam is arguably the most interesting topic among die-hard fans of the anime series. The reason is, the magnitude of the strength of a Gundam is absolutely determined from the weapon system it uses. Whether it’s a laser gun, guided missile, or a melee weapon like a laser sword.

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Gundam Anime series, it would be fun to discuss Gundam robots that have the deadliest weapons. The five Gundams that will be discussed below are arguably the most powerful because of their weapons.

  1. Strike Freedom Gundam

The Strike Freedom Gundam is one of the strongest Gundams in the Cosmic Era universe (Gundam SEED). The power of the robot controlled by Kira Yamato comes from his weapon system which is so complex, but very deadly.

The successor to the Freedom Gundam robot has a complete arsenal. Unlike its predecessor, which specializes in long-range attacks, the Strike Freedom is a capable mobile suit for medium-range attacks. That is, he can be used for both ranged and melee attacks.

The Strike Freedom ranged weapon is in a pair of rifles and a laser cannon in the belly. Meanwhile, Kira often uses a pair of laser swords in close combat. Interestingly, the sword can be combined into a spear. However, Kira prefers to use them as twin swords rather than putting them together.

Among them, the most lethal weapon of Strike Freedom is the DRAGOON guided missile system located on the wing. The DRAGOON system allows the pilot to control a laser missile that can fire in any direction. This system is another name for the “Funnel” system from the Universal Century universe or “Fangs” from the Anno Domini universe (Gundam 00).

  1. Gundam GP02 “Physalis”

GP02 is a Gundam created by the Earth Federation after the One Year War era. Originally, this Gundam was created as the Earth Federation’s main weapon against Zeon. Physalis is intentionally kept as a backup for Gundam GP01 “Zephyrantes”. However, Physalis was stolen by Zeon’s flagship pilot, Anavel Gato, as the first stage of the Operation Stardust masterplan.

Of course it’s not without reason that Zeon is after him and is the core of Operation Stardust’s plan. Physalis is told as a very deadly Gundam and is able to destroy mankind through its nuclear weapons.

This Gundam weapon lies in its Bazooka which fires very powerful nuclear missiles. Physalis is also made with a nuclear reactor power core. Not only nuclear-powered, Physalis is covered with armored armor for protection from nuclear missile explosions.

In addition to nuclear power, the GP02 also has other standard Gundam weapons. Call it like a laser cannon, railgun, shield, and saber sword.

  1. Devil Gundam

Devil Gundam is a very strong enemy in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime series. The robot created by Dr. Kasshu is very different from other robots. Because, this robot is a unique combination of technology and organic science. He has three main abilities, namely recovery, replication, and independent evolution

As an organic network user Gundam, the Devil Gundam is able to repair itself when damaged in battle. In addition, the DG Cell in his body allows him to create clones in the form of a small Gundam that can attack and infect enemies with DG Cell.

The most lethal weapon of the Devil Gundam lies in its DG Cell. He can change the shape of the Devil Gundam itself to become more powerful. His ultimate form is when he turns into a Devil Colony. While in this form, he can take out small robots to sabotage and attack other Gundams.

  1. Gundam Double X

Gundam Double X is an updated version of Gundam X. This robot is produced by New United Nations Earth (NUNE) piloted by Garrod Ran. Built with advanced technology by NUNE engineers, the Gundam Double X was created to be twice as strong as the previous Gundam version.

To increase its destructive power, this gundam technician installed six reflector panels on the back. Meanwhile, this gundam melee weapon uses a laser sword, long range rocket shooter, and a buster rail gun that can paralyze the enemy.

Gundam Double X has the ultimate weapon, namely the Twin Satellite Cannon. This dual cannon weapon draws power from six reflector panels on the rear. This allows the Twin Cannon to absorb solar energy, then emit a laser with a large explosive power. Twin Satellite Cannon also once destroyed the island of Zonder Epta with just one shot.

  1. Turn A Gundam

The name Turn A Gundam is never far from the discussion “The strongest Gundam”. The reason is, Turn A’s ability is not kidding. He became one of the Gundams with the strongest weapons ever in the entire Gundam universe.

Turn A Gundam has a variety of high-end weaponry. Starting from the Nanomachine that automatically repairs all Turn A damage slowly, the powerful I-Field, a chest storage that was once used to carry nuclear bomb power, to one of the most terrifying weapons in the Gundam series, the Moonlight Butterfly.

Moonlight Butterfly allows Turn A to release a nanomachine that will break down all sorts of technological equipment into sand. The Moonlight Butterfly has an active range far enough to reach Jupiter from Earth, and has managed to destroy several civilizations.

Gundam’s melee weapon is a spiked hammer. There is also a beam rifle for medium-range weapons. Turn A is also one of the Gundams with the most unique weaponry, namely a drill that is stored in his chest.

Those are five Gundams that have lethal weapons. Indeed, there are still many other powerful gundams such as 00 Raiser, Quanta, Unicorn, Wing, and others. However, these robots are more technologically advanced and the combat systems used. Meanwhile, the Gundam discussed above has a complete weapon system and looks cool.

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