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5 Series and Films with Culinary Business Themes

Actually there is no business that is not risky. However, if it has to be classified, the culinary business is one that has a fairly high risk. In addition to the problem of taste, the selection and storage of ingredients, the way of presentation and packaging, to licensing and health inspections you have to really think about.

Most people who are not directly involved in this business will find it a fun job. Many even glorify it through films.

It turns out that just like anything else in this world, the culinary business is not always ideal. There are many challenges and a dark side that we rarely know about. Everything is tried to be explored as realistically as possible by several filmmakers through their works. The following is a list of series and films about the culinary business that are considered realistic.

  1. The Bear (2022 – present)

Maybe in recent times you’ve seen The Bear talked about on social media. The FX release, which airs on Hulu and Disney Plus, is praised for capturing realistic kitchen dynamics. The demand to serve food in a fast time with perfect taste makes many workers experience mental stress.

It is shot from the perspective of Carmy, a professional chef who inherited her family’s restaurant in Chicago. This small restaurant that used to serve the working class turned out to be hit by a crisis since the leadership of his brother who had just died.

  1. Gentefied (2020-2021)

Gentefied also raised the struggle of family culinary businessmen who have to face the issue of gentrification in their business locations. For years this heritage taco restaurant supported the Mexican immigrant family until a new fancy cafe restaurant was established.

To face the increasingly fierce competition, they have to rack their brains. The series, which aired on Netflix for two seasons, is actress America Ferrera’s second project as a director.

  1. Uncorked (2020)

Elijah is a central character in Uncorked. He is told as a young man with a special interest in wine and wine, but has to struggle with mediocre finances and his family’s condition is not supportive.

The story is very simple, but very realistic. Elijah is a representation of the umpteenth generation of immigrants in the United States, most of whose parents work as small businesses in the culinary field.

  1. Boiling Point (2021)

Boiling Point has a vibration that is as chaotic as The Bear when it comes to the dynamics of a restaurant’s kitchen. He dwells on the head chef of a five-star restaurant in London, England. All the pressures and demands made his life feel like a roller coaster.

The film was a success at BAFTA by garnering four nominations at once. Even when it aired in early 2022 in several countries, Boiling Point made quite a bit of profit. This brilliant cinema airs on Netflix and Prime Video.

  1. Pig (2021)

When you watch the trailer, you might not think that Pig is a film that looks at the culinary business. It is drawn from the perspective of a man who lives in the forest with a sow he trains to hunt for high-quality truffles.

His quiet life is disturbed when his beloved pig is kidnapped by an unknown person. He also tried to find him in the city he had left long ago. Pig highlights how fierce competition is and the high pressure that culinary business activists have to go through. Smart and unique. You can watch Pig through KlikFilm.

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