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6 of the Most Exciting and Popular 2021 Netflix Movies Recommended

There are a lot of good movies out in 2021. Even though it’s been a year now, you can still watch some of those great 2021 movies on Netflix. Yes, since the last few years Netflix has indeed become a reference for everyone who is looking for something to watch. Because you can find recommended 2021 Netflix movies that are fun to watch.

2021 has indeed been one of the best years for film lovers. Because in that year, many good film titles appeared. In addition, film lovers are also increasingly pampered because most of these good films can be accessed through the Netflix streaming service. So, the audience can watch it while relaxing at home or anywhere and anytime.

Curious, what are the most exciting 2021 recommended Netflix films? To find out, just take a look at the list and reviews below.


From Indonesia, LIGHT COPYR is a recommended 2021 Netflix film that you shouldn’t miss. The reason is, this film has been proven in quality through its big win at the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). Released after a big win, this film immediately became a spotlight and went viral as soon as it was released on Netflix.

LIGHT COPYR tells the story of a character named Suryani who becomes a victim of sexual harassment which results in the cancellation of the scholarship. However, Suryani did not remember and did not know who the culprit was. He began to collect evidence after evidence to demand justice. The evidence gathered, led Sur to uncover a larger abuse case involving the people around him.


The next 2021 recommended Netflix film from Indonesia is LIKE DENDAM, LINDU MUST BE PAID COMPLETELY. Before being released on Netflix, this film had already been screened at various festivals around the world. One of them, at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. At the festival, the film won the highest award, the Golden Leopard.

LIKE DENDAM, RINDU MUST BE PAID COMPLETELY talk a lot about the issue of masculinity. The main character in this film is a hero named Ajo Kawir. He is known as one of the strongest heroes in the area where he lives. Even though he always wins fights, Ajo Kawir actually has a secret related to virility. Ajo Kawir suffers from erectile dysfunction. Despite these shortcomings, Ajo manages to find his idol, a girl who is also strong enough to fight and is willing to accept him as he is named Iteung.

    The next Netflix movie recommended by Netflix is ​​DON’T LOOK UP. In general, this film belongs to the comedy and sci-fi genres. DON’T LOOK UP tells the story of a researcher named Kate Dibiasky and her professor who one day discovered a strange comet. The strange comet is very large and is predicted to soon hit the earth.

To prevent the unwanted, Kate, Randall, and Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe then did his best to tell everyone. They also disseminate this information through the media. However, One Piece Film Red streaming the response they got was not what they expected. Some people regard this as a threat of disaster, but there are also those who actually see it as a great opportunity to make profits.


BLOOD RED SKY is also one of the recommended 2021 Netflix films that must be watched. This film has an interesting story with elements of horror and thriller. BLOOD RED SKY tells the story of a mother named Nadja and her child named Elias. The two of them were traveling by plane.
Unexpectedly, the plane they were on was hijacked. Nadja who looks sickly turns out to have a secret. Nadja who is weak and sickly has to inject medicine every few minutes. Unfortunately, Nadja finally died after being one of the victims of the hijacker’s shooting. That’s when Nadja’s secret was revealed. Moments after being declared dead, Nadja suddenly resurrected as a vampire protecting her child.


Especially for you fans of Korean films, SWEET AND SOUR is a recommended 2021 Netflix film that you shouldn’t miss. This film is about a love triangle. As the title implies, this romantic genre film displays a sweet and sour love story, so that it will stir the audience’s feelings when watching it.

SWEET AND SOUR tells the story of Jung Da-eun, a nurse who always works late. Jung Da-eun meets a patient named Jang-hyeok. Unexpectedly, gradually Jung Da-eun and Jang-hyeok actually fell in love with each other. Unfortunately because of work, they have to undergo an LDR relationship. At that time, their communication was hampered and an affair appeared to color their relationship.


The last recommended 2021 Netflix movie is SPACE SWEEPER. SPACE SWEEPERS is a South Korean space adventure fantasy film with a futuristic time setting. It is said that a technology company is trying hard to find a new place for humans to live because the earth is considered no longer feasible Dove vedere One Piece Film Red ita.

On the way to find it, the team on duty actually found a small child robot named Dorothy. But after being observed, it turns out that he is not a robot but a human child who has magical powers. Dorothy’s discovery makes the team led by Captain Jang get a new mission, to protect the prodigy from being chased by enemies who want to take advantage of his power.

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