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DC Comics Books – The Batman Beginnings

In this article we’re going to take a brief look at one of the longest running and popular comic books of our time, Batman.

The Batman movie 2022 was first introduced to the world of comics in May of 1939. But he wasn’t featured in his own comic book. He was a part of Detective Comics issue number 27. The thing about Batman that was unique for his time and even today is that he was a super hero with no super powers. He couldn’t fly like Superman or run fast like Flash, nor was he strong like The Hulk. He was just a flesh and blood crime fighter out to rid the world of the kind of vermin responsible for the death of his parents.

Also, unlike many other super heroes, Batman was a very dark character who has a lot of his own personal demons that he had to keep in check. Every day was a battle to keep his anger from getting the best of him. Many times he came close to crossing the line between good and evil.

Batman lives in Gothem City in the guise of playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne. Only his trusty butler Alfred knew of his secret identity as Batman. He decided to fashion his crime fighting outfit after that of a bat because of the dark nature of crime itself. He wanted to be seen in something that would strike fear in the hearts of criminals, not make them laugh.

The first detailed origin of The Batman was not told until the June issue of Detective Comics, number 47. His actual origin, as was true with so many comic book heroes, changed many times as the years went on. However, the basic facts of his character have remained unchanged through the years.

Batman had a number of gadgets that have become very familiar and popular over the years such as his utility belt which could pretty much do everything but make scrambled eggs. In addition to this he had the ever popular batmobile, bat copter, bat cycle, bat plane and bat boat. All these vehicles in some manner, shape or form resembled the appearance of a bat.

It wasn’t until April 1940 that Batman would get his trusty sidekick, Robin, the Boy Wonder. In many ways, especially with teenagers, Robin was an even more popular character Batman because he was somebody who kids could relate to.

Over the years Batman battled a number of diabolical criminals. Some of the more famous ones were The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. Each issue of the comic, especially in the early years would usually feature a different foe for Batman to do battle with. The only twist to this was the occasional time that Catwoman would try to seduce Batman with her womanly charms. While often tempted, Batman never gave in to her unless it was to gain some important information from her.

Over the years Batman has evolved into a hit TV show and a number of movies that were closer to the darker side of Batman than the Adam West character. But no matter what the portrayal or medium, Batman has, and will always be one of our most beloved super heroes.

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