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Doctor Who Set Reveals Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor Costume

Ncuti Gatwa’s official costume for Doctor Who season 14 has been revealed. Doctor Who is a long-running British sci-fi program that follows a Time Lord known as The Doctor, a being with the ability to regenerate form. Over six decades and nearly 900 episodes, the actor playing The Doctor has changed regularly, with the most recent performer in the role being Jodie Whittaker.

Via the official Doctor Who Twitter account, two new images have surfaced, showing Gatwa’s costume for his stint in the role of the Fifteenth Doctor. In the second image, he is accompanied by season 14’s new companion Ruby Sunday, played by Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson. Also released is a video where Gatwa shows off Gibson in costume as well as the details of his own costume, which include an orange shirt with a brown jacket and pants, as well as some Gallifreyan rings.

Why The Doctor’s Costume Changes With Every Regeneration

Over the years, The Doctor’s physical appearance has changed considerably with each actor who took on the role. Just in the reboot seasons, which began with the Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston in 2005, the lead role has been taken on by David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, followed by Whittaker, Tennant’s return as the Fourteenth Doctor, and Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor. In addition to changes in age, gender, race, and nationality, The Doctor’s costume typically undergoes a major change as well.

There are some basic reasons for the costume changes, including the fact that the different Doctors have different body types. However, the costumes serve a more important function as well. With each new regeneration, the Doctor’s personality shifts, allowing for the new performers to put their own stamp on the character. For instance, Capaldi’s character of the Twelfth Doctor was a much more sour and cynical version of the character than Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, who embraced his goofier side more freely. Although The Doctor is a consistent character who can remember the lifetimes of previous generations, the character’s brain changes along with everything else, changing the way they process information and interact with the world, including their clothing.

While every Doctor has their own unique look throughout Doctor Who, some are more memorable than others. One of the most beloved accoutrements worn by a Doctor is the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, who donned a signature striped scarf. While it is still unknown in what way Gatwa’s Doctor costume informs his personality, his look is particularly stylish and gives off the sense of a modern academic, meaning he may be embracing a more serious tone for the character in the coming Doctor Who season 14.

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