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Downloading Versus Streaming, Which is Better?

Gone are the days where we used to drive to the nearest movie rental store to rent 5 or more VCDs to watch over the weekend. Our kids will surely enjoy a movie marathon, with popcorn, or may be an ice cream for a midnight snack.

But years before that is the fad of VHS, or even betamax tapes, being rented by our parents for us. May it be Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Back to the Future, or Land Before Time; we’ll surely enjoy watching them all night.

Movie rental shops are one of the most in demand businesses during those times. Since not all people can watch the latest movies on theaters, what they usually do is just to wait till these movies are released in their VCD copies and just wish their luck that the copy will be available once they will come to visit the shop.

But things have evolved, thanks to the presence of the internet, which makes everything easy for us. Now, even our movie watching is made effortless, and driving to the nearest video store may not be suggested anymore.

Online movie rental sites are present already, which offers postal-service kind of delivering your rentals. You just need to place your rentals on queue, and soon they will all be delivered at your door.

But why wait for the movies to arrive? If things have made easy, they even made it easier, through the downloading services offered by some sites for excellent movie watching experience.

Through these movie downloading services, either by rent or by buy, you will now gain access in your most awaited movie much faster compared to waiting for it to be delivered to you. Although the downloading period varies, and highly depends on your internet connection speed. The bigger the file, the slower it is downloaded; the slower your connection, the more time it will take for you to download the files. There are even movies, with high definition settings, that took days before you can completely download it.

And now here comes another resource- the online movie streaming. Another answer to our leisure, where you wouldn’t need to wait for hours before watching a full length movie. With movie streaming, you will be able to watch the movie in just minutes, much faster compared to downloading it first. However, it has also its downside. If your internet connection speed is not at its best, you may encounter chops and interruptions during your movie watching, which is very annoying; unlike if you download it first, your movie watching will be smooth and continuous all throughout the end.

People are still divided into which is really better- downloading or streaming? Both bring us great convenience, that those downloaded and streamed videos can be watched not just on our PCs, but also to other devices such as TiVo, IPod, and even our game consoles, and cellphones, which gives us portability and convenience on the go. But to decide which gives us the ultimate movie watching experience- the decision is still in your hands.

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