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Dragon Ball Super Manga Will Temporarily Break

Granolah’s arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga has finally officially ended. Arch that is considered one of the worst in Dragon Ball, turned into one of the best, how come?

In recent months, many fans have called the Granolah Arc as one of the worst arcs in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

However, that opinion changed 180 degrees, after the last chapter of this arc was released last Friday (8/19).

Frieza became the key figure that reversed the fans’ perception of the Granolah Arc.

So what did Frieza really do to change the perception of Dragon Ball fans?

This article will discuss about this and what is the Granolah Arc which officially ended in chapter 87 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Granolah Arch Overview

The Granolah arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga features the rivalry of four characters, Son Goku, Vegeta, Granolah, and Gas, to become the strongest in universe 7. They take turns being the strongest and continue to fight throughout the arc. .

This ongoing battle made fans quite bored of this arc.

However, it is undeniable, the quality of the battle is presented in a very interesting way. However, Granolah and Gas’s way of gaining power is one of the main criticisms from fans of this arc. Of course, they achieved enormous power after begging Toronbo’s request.

Not just strong, these two new characters can even beat MUI Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta quite easily.

This is what provokes the protests of the fans, because it is easy for both of them to take strength. However, that doesn’t mean Granolah Arc is all that bad. There are several things that make this arc very interesting. What do you think it is?

Bardock vs. Gas Flashback

In Granolah Arc, fans get an extraordinary experience, because this arc tells the story of the past when Bardock, the father of Son Goku, fought against Gas in the past.

This had raised the fan hype for this arc. Because, Bardock himself has many fans and not many stories that tell the past of Son Goku’s father.

In telling the story of Bardock, Toyotaro presents his story quite fully.

Starting with the Saiyan invasion on Planet Cereal, Bardock helps Granolah, his and Monaito’s mother, as well as Bardock’s fight with Gas.

In fact, presenting Bardock’s fight with Gas, Toyotaro draws it in an extraordinary way, even though it’s just a story from the past.

Additionally, Bardock also presents a useful relic for Son Goku, who is finally able to reach his own True Ultra Instinct level and take on Gas.

In addition to Bardock’s presence, there is also another figure that has really managed to change the fans’ view of the Granolah Arc. That figure is Frieza, the Dark Emperor.

Frieza is back, introduces his newest form

Frieza’s presence in this arc is only in one chapter, namely Dragon Ball Super chapter 87, which is the end of this arc.

Still, Frieza managed to steal the show. He managed to kill Gas very easily, just one hit.

Something Goku, Vegeta and Granolah can’t do when facing Gas.

Frieza’s madness doesn’t stop there. He also kills Elec, the leader of the Heeters, who is the main villain of this arc.

At the height of it, Frieza showed the ultimate form of him, which was called Black Frieza. This form even managed to defeat Son Goku and Vegeta in his strongest form, just one punch. The presence of this Dark Emperor is truly extraordinary.

Regarding this power, Frieza also tells that he has been training in another dimension, which has a time difference with the normal world.

In the Dragon Ball series, this place is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Frieza spent 10 years practicing in that place. This finally answers the question of why Frieza can be so strong.

In the movie Resurrection of F, Frieza managed to reach the golden power level just by practicing for 4 months.

During 4 months of training, Frieza managed to catch up with his strength from Son Goku. From Super Saiyan level 1 Namec Saga to the equivalent of Super Saiyan Blue.

Well the follow up question is what is Black Freeza’s max strength after he has trained for 10 years?

That he can even surpass Goku and Vegeta in his strongest form.

Dragon Ball Super Manga will be temporarily broken

In general, Granolah Arc is really interesting, because it introduces several new things in the Dragon Ball series.

In fact, with Black Frieza’s presence, of course, Goku and Vegeta have to train much harder to catch up.

Also, Frieza deliberately didn’t kill them both, because Frieza’s main target was Heeters.

As additional information, Frieza can kill these two Saiyans very easily.

For the continuation of this manga in the future, the Dragon Ball Super manga will take a break for a while, in order to compile the next arc.

However, the last arc of Dragon Ball Super is expected to arrive this year, between November or December.

For the last arc, what will you focus on? Is it retelling Goku and Vegeta against Frieza?

Or discuss about Beast Gohan who was present in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Whatever it is, as fans, we look forward to the continuation of the story of Son Goku and his friends.

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