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Theatrical launch posterJapaneseドライブ・マイ・カーHepburnDoraibu mai kāDirected byRyusuke HamaguchiScreenplay with the aid ofRyusuke HamaguchiTakamasa OeBased on”Drive My Car”with the aid of Haruki MurakamiProduced byTsuyoshi Gorô Misaki Kawamura Osamu Kubota Sachio Matsushita Yoshito Nakabe Keiji Okumura Jin Suzuki Akihisa YamamotoStarringHidetoshi NishijimaCinematographyHidetoshi ShinomiyaEdited byAzusa YamazakiMusic byEiko Ishibashi

Productionagencies C&I EntertainmentCulture EntertainmentBitters EndDistributed byBitters End

Release date11 July 2021 (Cannes)20 August 2021 (Japan)

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Running time179 minutesCountryJapanLanguageJapaneseBox office$1.eight million[1][2]

Drive My Car (Japanese: ドライブ・マイ・カー, Hepburn: Doraibu mai kā) is a 2021 Japanese drama movie co-written and directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi. It is based totally on the quick story of the equal name by using Haruki Murakami from his 2014 quick tale collection, Men Without Women.[3][4] It turned into selected to compete for the Palme d’Or on the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in which it gained three awards including Best Screenplay.[5] It turned into selected as the Japanese access for the Best International Feature Film on the 94th Academy Awards.[6]Plot[edit]

Yūsuke Kafuku is a theater actor married to Oto, a movie screenwriter. They bond over their shared storytelling pastimes, with Oto usually crafting stories all through sex. They these days misplaced a 4-year-vintage daughter to pneumonia, setting a stress on their courting; Kafuku also witnesses Oto having an affair with Kōji Takatsuki, a famous younger actor operating together with her on a movie, but he does no longer confront her about it. Kafuku comes home overdue one night to locate Oto collapsed at the floor, dead from a brain hemorrhage. Kafuku sees Takatsuki at her funeral, however does no longer communicate with him.

Two years later, Kafuku accepts a -month residency with a theater program in Hiroshima, wherein he’ll direct an experimental, multi-lingual edition of Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya. He requests housing an hour faraway from the theater so that he can rehearse at some point of his commute, the use of a cassette tape Oto recorded for him earlier than her loss of life. However, the theater organisation requires that he be followed through a motive force, Misaki Watari; he items in the beginning, but relents after a check power exhibits she is a skilled driver. Kafuku auditions many actors for the play in a variety of languages, even though no person auditions for the lead role of Vanya, assuming Kafuku will play the component himself. Kafuku casts Takatsuki inside the lead function regardless of his young age, sudden many.

The early rehearsals are awkward as not one of the solid can understand one another, and while asked for particular path at the scenes, Kafuku tells his actors to stick to the text for answers. Takatsuki regularly asks Kafuku to meet with him after-hours to speak, curious why Kafuku forged him in the role, however Kafuku is hesitant to speak in-intensity with him. Takatsuki’s erratic conduct worries him, as Kafuku witnesses the younger guy assaulting a bar-goer for taking snap shots of him and fooling around with every other younger actress within the solid. Watari additionally asks about Oto for the duration of their drives, having emerge as curious with the aid of her voice at the cassette tapes, but Kafuku is reluctant to speak much about her. Watari well-knownshows that her circle of relatives died in a sad landslide close to Sapporo in northern Japan five years earlier.

During a late-night force with Takatsuki, Kafuku well-knownshows that he knew of his spouse’s affairs however did now not say something because he was terrified of losing her. Takatsuki expresses admiration for her writing, and stocks a tale she told him that Kafuku had by no means heard the ending to earlier than. After Takatsuki leaves, Watari indicates that his tale might not were actual however that it was nevertheless the reality to him. Some time later, police arrive at rehearsal and arrest Takatsuki for beating a person who changed into taking photos of him, ensuing within the guy’s demise. The theater programmers ask Kafuku if the display can be canceled, or if he’s going to step into the role of Vanya that he knows so properly; he requests some days to think about it.

Kafuku asks Watari if she can take him to the location where her family died. Their journey takes several days, and they come on the collapsed ruins of her adolescence domestic. Watari reveals that her mom became emotionally and bodily abusive, and that she had the possibility to shop her mother from the wreckage but selected now not to, which she regrets. Kafuku also expresses remorse for not returning home in advance, when he would possibly have determined Oto in time to store her lifestyles. They comfort every different, with Kafuku announcing they ought to go on dwelling. They then return to Hiroshima, wherein Kafuku assumes the role of Vanya and gives an impassioned performance earlier than a stay target audience.

Some time later, Watari shops for groceries at a extraordinary marketplace in Korea. She returns to the parking lot and gets into Kafuku’s automobile, where a dog waits for her inside the returned seat, then she drives off.Cast[edit]Hidetoshi Nishijima as Yūsuke KafukuTōko Miura as Misaki WatariMasaki Okada as Kōji TakatsukiReika Kirishima as Kafuku’s Wife, OtoPark Yoo-rimJin DaeyeonSonia YuanProduction[edit]

The movie became firstly set in Busan, South Korea, but become modified to Hiroshima, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Release

Drive My Car had its global best at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in competition for the Palme d’Or.[8][nine]Critical responsem

On evaluation aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Drive My Car holds an approval score of one hundred% primarily based on 93 reviews, with a median rating of 8.6/10. The website’s critics consensus reads, “Drive My Car’s implementing runtime holds a rich, patiently engrossing drama that reckons with self-attractiveness and regret.” According to Metacritic, which assigned a weighted average rating of ninety out of 100 based totally on 35 critics, the movie acquired “familiar acclaim”. Accolades Notes

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