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The teased set-up for Barney’s cameo in How I Met Your Father’s season 2 premiere subtly mocks two of the most important early Sophie theories. The top of How I Met Your Father season 2, episode 1 revealed the upcoming cameo from How I Met Your Mom’s Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), marking the second main legacy character to look on the spinoff following Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) within the season 1 finale. How I Met Your Father’s season 2 premiere teases that Barney will seem a lot later within the season when Sophie by accident crashes into the again of his automobile, as she was speaking on the cellphone a couple of wild improvement in her love life.

Forward of How I Met Your Father’s launch, loads of theories abounded relating to how Sophie (Hilary Duff) would hook up with the unique solid of characters. Arguably the simplest How I Met Your Mom character to connect with Sophie was Barney Stinson, based totally on his womanizing previous. Whereas some theories about their connection have been fairly far-fetched, Barney’s upcoming prolonged cameo in How I Met Your Father season 2 hilariously references their premises, specifically as Sophie, who by no means met her father, remarks “I believe I’m relationship my dad” instantly earlier than hitting his automobile.

How I Met Your Father Subtly References The Principle That Barney Is Sophie’s Dad

One of many greatest theories earlier than How I Met Your Father season 1 premiered was that Barney Stinson was Sophie’s father. Barney was recognized for his promiscuity and plenty of shut calls with probably getting a girl pregnant, which even impressed his “Not a Father’s Day” vacation in How I Met Your Mom season 4. As such, with Sophie representing a youthful technology of New Yorkers, it appeared attainable that she may have been a shock daughter of Barney. The theories weren’t suggesting that Sophie was truly Ellie, Barney’s daughter born after HIMYM’s ending within the 12 months 2020, however that Barney didn’t know that Sophie was his daughter till discovering so in How I Met Your Father.

The prevalence of this concept doubtlessly impressed How I Met Your Father’s creators to incorporate Sophie’s line that she thinks she’s relationship her dad immediately earlier than she crashes into Barney’s automobile. Since this element isn’t truly referencing Barney and his connection to Sophie in How I Met Your Father, it’s way more more likely to simply be the spinoff’s cheeky means of poking enjoyable at wild fan theories. The “relationship my dad” line truly appears to be about John Corbett’s character teased in How I Met Your Father’s season 2 trailer as an alternative. As such, Barney’s How I Met Your Father cameo might merely be a means of utilizing the HIMYM character to work by means of Sophie’s points together with her dad.

HIMYF’s Cameo Tease Additionally Mocks The Principle That Sophie Dates Barney

Going even additional with How I Met Your Father’s tease for Barney’s cameo, Sophie’s line mocks the idea that the reveals could be linked by Sophie randomly relationship, being hit on by, or sleeping with Barney. How I Met Your Mom established that Barney most popular relationship ladies underneath the age of 40, and since Sophie is 30 years outdated in How I Met Your Father season 2, the timeline matches up. Nonetheless, Sophie’s line about pondering that she’s relationship her dad proper earlier than crashing into Ted’s fabled Barney Stinson is just too coincidental for the 2 HIMYM-universe characters to truly date within the spinoff sequence. As an alternative, he’ll possible give her recommendation on her advanced relationship state of affairs with a unique older man.

No, HIMYM’s Barney Is not Sophie’s Dad

Since Sophie runs into Barney after mentioning that she thinks she’s relationship her dad, there should be questions on him probably being her father. Nonetheless, Sophie’s birthday episode in How I Met Your Father season 1 debunked this concept. Sophie turned 30 years outdated in How I Met Your Father season 1’s 2022 timeline, which means she was born in 1992. In the meantime, How I Met Your Mom season 3 confirmed that Barney didn’t lose his virginity to Rhonda till 1998, when Sophie was already six years outdated.

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