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Finally the Movie “Avatar 2” Will Be Screened in Cinemas

Welcoming “Avatar 2 The Way of Water” in December, 20th Century Studio is bringing the iconic “Avatar” back to theaters from September 23, 2022, to refresh fans’ memories of the epic tale of 13 years ago.

In 2009, James Cameron introduced a completely new and amazing world called Pandora. “Avatar” is considered a unique and bold film, not only in terms of the story, but also from the technologies specifically created for this film.

Different from other alien films that use make-up and special effects for the actors to transform into a humanoid race, this film uses the leading technology of its time.

Before watching film “Avatar: The Way of Water”, fans can re-watch the original “Avatar” with a 4K High Dynamic Range version in theaters. The film also gives new fans a chance to get to know the story and its characters.


“Avatar” tells the story of Jake Sully’s struggle to save the alien planet called Pandora which he considers his home.

Set in 2154, where Earth has experienced an energy crisis, an organization called the Resources Development Administration (RDA) has been mining a rare mineral on the planet Pandora for three decades.

Because the atmosphere on Pandora is toxic, the organization’s scientists created the “Avatar” program, in which humans become “drivers” with their consciousness wired to a remotely controlled biological body that can survive on the air of the deadly planet Pandora.

These avatars are genetically modified from human DNA and the natives of Pandora, the Na’Vi alien race.

Jake, who initially served as a negotiator and spy, instead sided with the Na’Vi tribe. Especially when he met Neytiri. He felt that the Na’Vi tribe was an excellent pure race.

Chaos begins when the RDA is determined to exploit and destroy the ancestral home of the Na’Vi people that has existed since 10,000 years ago. Jake begins to hesitate between choosing his job or defending the Na’Vi tribe.


Jake Sully, a former Marine, played by Sam Worthington. Jake’s legs were paralyzed and he had to use a wheelchair. In Pandora, Jake seems to have regained his lost life with his new Avatar body. He can go on various new adventures taught by the Na’Vi tribe.

Neytiri, played by Zoe Zaldana, is the daughter of a Na’Vi chief. She saves Jake and teaches him various things and the way of life of the Na’Vi tribe. Neytiri eventually falls in love and fights to protect the Tree of Souls from RDA attacks.

Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) is a merciless leader of the RDA troops. He can do anything to achieve his goals.

To launch the action, Jake is also assisted by good RDA people such as doctor Grace (Sigourney Weaver), Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) and Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) a fighter pilot.

Latest Technology

Cameron uses motion graphic technology and image-based facial performance capture, where the actors use tools and cameras on their bodies to capture emotions and expressions, which will later go through a digitization process and be displayed through the Na’Vi character.

This element of technology in “Avatar” had a major impact on the film industry years later. The technology that Cameron used in 2009 is still very comfortable to watch today.

Through this epic work, “Avatar” won several Oscars, namely Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Production Design, and Visual Effects. In addition, this film also received a Golden Globes Cup in the category of Best Film Drama.

The presence of “Avatar” in theaters is expected to be able to revive fans’ memories of the exciting story of the Pandora folk and become a new favorite film for young audiences. At the end of the film there is also a trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” which will lead fans on a new adventure.

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