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Fundraising Tips The Follow Up

The key to continued fundraising success is to follow-up afterwards: Supporters and participants need to be thanked.

Merchant contributors need to be debriefed on their results from participating. Records need to be gathered, copied, and stored.

Communicate the results to everyone involved.

Informing everyone who took part in your most recent fundraising is of utmost importance. Nothing charges up your organization for the future better than a group celebration.

Give recognition to your volunteers.

Enjoy the sound of “We did it!”

Conduct a post-mortem analysis of the fundraiser just completed.

Gather information and record impressions while everything is still fresh. Make notes about supplier relationships, any process problems, and what aspects need fine-tuning for the next time around.

Gather those recommendations for future fundraisers.

Brainstorm with your team and write down all the possible ways to improve. Circulate a written evaluation form to gather multiple viewpoints for the permanent file.

Make plans while everyone is still excited from this success.

Strategize how to increase the number of volunteers. Plan to promote those who excelled this time around to positions with more authority.

Ask your merchant supporters what you could do better.

In the long run, it’s important to help them even more. Now is a good time to ask them for increased participation during your next big drive.

Review all records for completeness.

Work up the statistical analysis covered in the section on Goal Setting (in my book Fundraising Success!). That will save time in the future when you want to set your benchmarks.

Post the results on your website.

Let everyone see how ell you did along with multiple pictures of your team in action. When describing your success, be a shameless namedropper. Everyone likes to be thanked publicly.

Most importantly, put the funds you’ve raised to good use.

Your fundraising follow-up is the foundation for your future success. Don’t give this area short shrift. Pave the way for even better results next time.

How do you maximize your fundraising sales? Here are some fundraising sales tips from my book,

Fundraising Success!

1- Emphasize setting a personal challenge goal

Have sellers make a commitment to be their group or sub-group’s best salesperson. Structure their sales efforts to emphasize achievement, not failure.

2- Have sellers state their solo goal out loud

By publicly stating what you’ll accomplish to your peer group, you’ve reinforced the commitment. Who wants to say publicly that they’ll fail to achieve?

3- Make a prospect list

All sellers should make a list of prospective customers before they start. Review it and make sure they have at least ten targets.

4- Define your best customers

Stick to the people you know – friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Don’t forget co-workers and out-of-town contacts for your major fundraisers.

5- Rehearse the sales pitch

Have everyone practice your group’s sales pitch at home. Fine tune your two-sentence value proposition and make sure that every seller uses it. Be armed and dangerous

6- Be prepared

Sellers should carry their order form and sales materials wherever they go. You never know when a good prospect will emerge!

7- Smile and introduce yourself

Remind all your sellers to smile and introduce themselves before launching into their two-sentence pitch. Use the power of the word need when stating the group’s goal and your first request for help. It’s an extremely potent trigger word. We need your help because our band needs new uniforms.

8- Ask for the order

Always include a direct request for an order in your sales script after the because statement. Can you help us meet our goal?

9- Personalize by picking favorites

Tell each seller to find one or two items that they like and then promote those enthusiastically.These green ones are great.

10- Ask for more business

After the initial order is placed, offer supplemental items for more revenue or ask for referrals, etc. Ask these questions:

Can I show you another program we’re offering because it’s a great deal too?

Can you think of anyone else I should contact?

11- Make it easy to buy

Do everything you can to make buying your offering easier. Offer to fill out the form yourself. Remind the prospect that a certain item makes a good gift or that it’s all for a good cause.

Follow these fundraising sales tips and you’ll maximize your fundraising sales success.

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