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Know the Origin of Man-Thing aka Doctor Ted Sallis!

In the film Werewolf by Night, Marvel Studios introduces one of the classic monsters from Marvel comics. The monster is named Ted aka Man-Thing. When hunters spring into action at the Bloodstone family home, they are assigned to hunt down the Man-Thing. When the hunt took place, no one thought that actually Jack Russell (Gael Garcia Bernal) was Man-Thing’s friend.

It is revealed that Jack actually joined the game only to free movies the Man-Thing from the torment of an object called Bloodstone, which had been in his body all this time. Jack also intends to free the monster and get out of the cursed place of the Bloodstone family. In Marvel Comics, the Man Thing actually has a long history. Then who is he? Check out the discussion below, Geeks!

Man-Thing, Super Soldier Serum “Victim”

Debuting in 1971, Man-Thing first appeared in Savage Tales #1. Before becoming a Man-Thing, he was actually an ordinary human who worked as a biochemist. His real name is Dr. Ted Sallis. At that time, Ted had an assignment to work on a special project called Project Gladiator. Ted is required to make a duplicate of the Super-Soldier serum, a serum that ultimately made Steve Rogers Captain America. While working on the project, an Organization called AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) began to spy on Ted.

They turned out to be after the serum, and planned to use it for crime. As AIM begins to move to steal the serum, Ted realizes that danger is lurking. A cornered Ted then injects himself with the serum, before finally leaving in his car. But unfortunately, the car Ted was traveling in had an accident that made him drown in a swamp.

Ted didn’t realize that the swamp contained a substance from the Nexus of All Realities, which made the Super Soldier serum in his body react, until finally Ted’s body turned into a big red-eyed creature that all over his body had long roots. Since then he could no longer speak, and all his memories disappeared.

Magical Power

Man-Thing has a myriad of powers that come from the serum he injects. But not only that, its power also blends with watching films the magical energy of the Nexus of All Realities. As such, the Man-Thing possesses incredible speed, intelligence, strength, and endurance. In addition, he also has spiritual abilities that make him immune to various diseases. With his superhuman strength, he can even lift a car weighing over a tonne. Well, because he has a connection with the Nexus of All Realities, he eventually becomes the guardian of the portal.

For the uninitiated geeks, the Nexus of All Realities is an important location in the multiverse. That’s where one can access every possible reality in the multiverse. In the What If series, the place was briefly explained. The Nexus of All Realities is overseen by Uatu the Watcher, and only powerful beings can access it. Back in the comics, Man-Thing once allied himself with Howard the Duck. In addition, Man-Thing has also joined several teams such as Thunderbolt, Daydreamers, Midnight Sons, and Legion of Monsters. It was at Midnight Sons and Legion of Monsters that he finally met Werewolf by Night and Elsa Bloodstone.

Man-Thing and Jack’s Relationship in the MCU

When Jack first saw Man-Thing at the Bloodstone house, Jack assumed that Man-Thing was not a monster, but a friend. Jack also tells Elsa that Man-Thing prefers to be called Ted. Actually, both Jack and Ted were both monsters streaming. Jack is a Werewolf by Night and Ted is a Man-Thing.

Because they feel the same way, they also understand each other, thus making Jack willing to sacrifice to help Man-Thing, to get out of that place. There is a strong relationship between the two characters. Most likely, the two of them were old friends who finally met in the movie Werewolf by Night.

Now that they’re both free and they might be back in action in the future of the MCU. As we know that the MCU is currently preparing the supernatural world, with the appearance of Blade. Maybe someday, they will act and form their own superhero team. Well, we still don’t know whether Man-Thing in the MCU really adapts the story in the comics or not. If adapting from the comics, then it could be that Man-Thing will have an important role in the MCU films 2022 to maintain Nexus of All Realities.

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