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Nightwing and Lois Lane are Two of DC’s Oldest Characters

They won’t be Batman and Robin, however Nightwing and Lois Lane workforce as much as create a brand new Dynamic Duo that DC Comics followers need to see extra of. Lois and Dick Grayson are two of the oldest characters in DC’s historical past, and after not too long ago working collectively, it is clear they’d make the right crime-fighting workforce.

Workforce-ups and heroic partnerships are a vital a part of DC’s historical past. Essentially the most well-known partnership may simply be the unique Dynamic Duo: Batman and Robin. Dick Grayson debuted as Robin in 1940, only a yr after Batman’s first look. In the meantime, Lois Lane is simply as previous as Superman; like Clark Kent, the character who originated the superhero style, Lois Lane debuted in 1938’s Motion Comics #1. Dick and Lois hardly ever cross paths—particularly after Dick created the Nightwing identification and moved on from working with Batman. However a current look collectively makes the right case for Nightwing and Lois Lane to be DC’s subsequent iconic partnership.

Nightwing and Lois Lane show to be an ideal workforce whereas working collectively in Superman: Son of Kal-El #18 by Tom Taylor, Ruairi Coleman, Cian Tormey, Scott Hanna, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Dave Sharpe. Within the earlier situation, Lois’s son Jon Kent, who has been utilizing the Superman mantle in his father’s absence, was attacked by a mysterious assailant whose powers mimic the consequences of a pink solar. Kryptonians lose their many skills when uncovered to gentle from a pink solar. In situation #18, Lois and Nightwing inform a gathered crowd of heroes and Jon’s household that they have been working collectively to find extra about Jon’s attacker.

Nightwing and Lois Lane Make the Excellent Heroic Pair

This may, at first, appear to be an sudden pair, nevertheless it’s clear from this presentation alone that Nightwing and Lois Lane work effectively collectively. In a method, they’re each overqualified detectives: Nightwing was skilled by Batman, after all, and Lois is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter. They’re each specialists within the subject of investigating crime and corruption. Right here, they’re working collectively to guard Superman: Lois as his mom and Dick as one among his mentors. However this scene is a teaser for what may occur if these two iconic DC characters teamed up extra. Lois digging up corruption and Nightwing taking it down within the subject: they could possibly be an much more efficient Dynamic Duo than Batman and Robin.

DC is at the moment establishing Nightwing to be the brand new coronary heart of the DC Universe, and there is no motive why Lois Lane—a personality as previous and heroic as Superman himself—could not be the brand new mind. As DC enters its new period, readers must be clamoring for extra team-ups between these two. Nightwing and Lois Lane could possibly be the simplest team-up in DC Comics historical past.

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