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One Piece 1062 Reveals the Lost Century?

Although the latest chapter for the One Piece manga series is taking a break this week, hints are circulating about what will be revealed in the next chapter. The hint appears from the editor’s notes for the upcoming chapter 1062. The editor’s notes do not always provide an overview of what happened in that chapter.

However, this editor’s note is usually a good indicator of what an arc will bring or not. On this basis, the latest editor’s notes for chapter 1062 have sparked a lot of discussion among fans. While there is no official confirmation yet, the records do provide clues to the discussion of the lost century.


Although chapter 1062 will probably continue the story about the introduction of Dr. Vegapunk as well as Egg Head island, but fans will likely get some information about films the lost century. This is based on the editor’s notes circulating in the world of social media Twitter. According to his notes, “Luffy and the crew were shocked! At that time the world…”

Many fans agree that this is a clue to the discussion of the lost century. However, other fans have their own speculations. They guessed that it was a clue to what happened during the previous Levely. This is reminiscent of how Jewelry Bonney recently re-emerged and she is currently joining the Straw Hat crew.

Speculation about the lost century is actually quite reasonable, considering they were on Egg Head island. In addition to having advanced technology and other extraordinary things, maybe the figure of Vegapunk will provide information related to the lost century. For example, what technology they use, how the World Government is interested in the technology, and so on.

Oda probably still won’t go into detail about the lost century, other than giving small hints. Usually, Oda begins to tell about an event in full through a flashback storyline. For example, a story about a “family” moment between Ace, Sabo, and Luffy. Or the most recent is a flashback moment of Kozuki Oden in the Wano arc.

In that flashback moment, Oda reveals everything from the Road Poneglyph, Roger and Whitebeard’s connection, and the origins of Laugh Tale. This may also be what Oda will do to the lost century, where in this arc besides also telling about Vegapunk we will see the history of the century of emptiness.

Other Hints

In fact, apart from the editor’s notes circulating on social media, there are other clues as to why we might see a discussion of the lost century. In an interview with Eiichiro Oda and also Aoyama Gosho, Oda had given one important thing in the content of the interview. According to him, the lost century is the next mystery he will unravel.

If then combined with the editor’s notes, chapter 1062 may indeed begin to discuss the lost century. Or at least give a hint that in the near future we will begin to enter the storyline of what happened 800 years ago. Let’s just wait, geeks, the next news development.

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