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Reviewing the Powerful Power of Atom Smasher

After a long wait for comic book fans to debut on the big screen, Atom Smasher is finally ready to appear in the DCEU’s newest films, Black Adam. Being one of the most anticipated films in 2022, Black Adam makes Atom Smasher one of the characters that fans have been waiting for. The character itself will be played by actor Noah Centineo.

Based on what appears in the trailer, it is highly likely that Atom Smasher will have a big role in the film later. In the comic itself, Atom Smasher is a character who has a long history with the Justice Society and also the figure of Black Adam. He is even a close friend of Black Adam, who is always ready to help him anytime.

Atom Smasher’s debut on the big screen will certainly be something extraordinary, especially for Justice Society fans. However, there may be some geeks who still don’t really know or know about the power that Atom Smasher has. Also, there may be some geeks who are confused with the Atom Smasher character due to its resemblance to other characters.

The Origins of the Atomic Power Smasher

Atom Smasher aka Aberth Rothstein is the character who holds the current title of Atom Smasher. Before using the name Atom Smasher, Alberth used the name Nuklon where he was part of the hero group Infinity Inc. his creation. Nuklon’s appearance is different from Atom Smasher. The red color dominates her costume and her hair is in a mohawk style.

After finishing with Nuklon he was later renamed Atom Smasher. He gave the title of Nuklon himself to Gerome McKenna, his partner at Infinity Inc., and Albert himself later joined the Justice League and Justice Society. Then, where did Albert’s power actually come from? In the comic story, Albert’s past story is quite interesting.

Albert is the grandson of a character named Cylotron. Under the initial name Terry Curtis, Cyclotron first appeared in Action Comics #21. Terry himself is an intelligent scientist who is an expert in the field of atoms. One day, he is kidnapped by a villain named Ultra-Humanite. It was at this moment that Terry developed his superpowers.

While doing research on atoms, Terry was exposed to radiation which was the beginning of his getting his super powers. Unfortunately, at that time, Terry’s power was actually used by Ultra-Humanites. Terry himself later died while trying to defeat the Humanites, by bringing them into the atmosphere. Unexpectedly it turns out that Terry’s daughter, Terri, was also exposed to atomic radiation from her father.

Various attempts have been made by Terri to treat the side effects of the radiation, but failed. Because it absorbs too much atomic radiation from his father, this then has an impact on the birth of his son, which is none other than Alberth Rothstein. And this later became the beginning of the appearance of the Atom Smasher character.

Difference between Atom Smasher and The Atom

In the DC Comics story, there are two characters who have a connection or connection with atoms. They are Atom Smasher and also The Atom. These two characters have the same emblem or logo pattern, as well as almost the same costume color. The basis of their strength is also based on atoms, which is natural for many fans to think that these are the same two characters.

However, in fact, The Atom and Atom Smasher are two different characters. The figure behind the title Atom Smasher is Alberth Rothstein. Meanwhile, the figure behind the title The Atom itself is Ray Palmer. In addition to the two different figures, what is also no less striking than the difference between these two characters is their ability. The Atom has the ability to change forms, either become large or become giants.

Ray can be as tall as a skyscraper. However, the pinnacle of his own abilities appeared when he transformed into a very small form. Simply put, The Atom is the DC version of Ant-Man. Meanwhile, Atom Smasher does not have the ability to shrink. All he could do was make his body size increase and harden the thickness of his skin, and return to his normal body size. However, if The Atom has peak power when he shrinks then Atom Smasher will have peak power when he transforms into a giant.

Various Atomic Power Smasher

As a superhero, Albert apparently inherited the tremendous power of his grandfather. Then, what are the powerful abilities of Atom Smasher? The first is the ability to turn big or become a giant. As explained above, the greatest strength of an Atom Smasher is how he is able to become a giant figure.

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