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Shown on DisneyPlus, Check out the Facts Behind the Movie ‘KKN Desa Dancer’

The FILM, which sits on the throne of the best-selling horror film in Indonesia, KKN at Penari Village, will air from August 30, 2022 on DisneyPlus Hotstar. The uncut version of the film that went viral on social media will also be available on the same platform.

KKN in Penari Village takes the audience into the mystical story experienced by six students who are conducting Real Work Lecture (KKN) activities in Penari Village, where they will experience a series of terrible events caused by the spirit of the village guard, Badarawuhi.

Before going back to watching the uncut version of the Community Service Program in the Dancing Village, consider some interesting facts behind the horror film directed by Awi Suryadi.

  1. Adinda Thomas and Achmad Megantara shoot with real snakes

This film raises a lot of snakes in several scenes. After Ever Happy 2022, One of them is where Adinda Thomas, who plays the character Widya, has to act wrapped around and crushed by a real snake.

Adinda, who was originally afraid of snakes, had to go through a workshop process with different snakes, until finally she became familiar with snakes.

“It’s still difficult, imagining being surrounded by snakes, then having to build chemistry with your co-stars and memorizing dialogues,” said Adinda as quoted by Antara, Monday (29/8).

In addition to Adinda, Achmad Megaantara who plays the character Bima, is required to swim with 60 snakes at once while filming.

  1. Around 50 snakes disappeared after filming the scene in the water pool

From a total of 110 snakes that appear in the film, Japanese animated adventure film it turns out that several snakes have disappeared. The director, Awi Suryadi, explained that several snakes immediately fled after the scene in the water pool, allegedly because the snakes did not like water. This incident certainly made the cast and crew on the scene panicked wildly.

  1. Tissa Biani chose her own character Nur

Since the beginning of this film’s story going viral on social media, Tissa has wanted to be involved in the KKN production in the Dancer Village. Finally, when selected for the casting process, the production team offered Tissa to try playing the characters of Widya and Nur.

When asked which character Tissa wanted, she revealed that she preferred the character of Nur, although she admitted that she wanted to play any character as long as she could be involved in the film.

  1. The cast felt disturbed by spirits while filming

Adinda Thomas told that while filming in the forest at 12 o’clock at night, she suddenly fainted for no reason. Achmad Megantara and Fajar Nugra who played Wahyu, American romantic drama film witnessed the incident firsthand.

The crew also saw Adinda suddenly jump forward and then fainted. The mystical story is also experienced by Tissa Biani who often suddenly feels weak, tired, and even hallucinates. All strange events that occur are suspected to be disturbed by spirits.

  1. Calvin Jeremy doesn’t shower for days to explore Anton’s character

Calvin Jeremy plays Anton, a student who is threatened with dropping out of college because he doesn’t graduate. To show Anton’s stressful situation due to lectures and the mysteries that occurred in the Dancing Village, Calvin finally decided not to take a bath for days, in order to further show the appearance of Anton who doesn’t care about himself.

  1. The duration of the Uncut version is 9 minutes longer than the cut version

The uncut version has a longer duration than the cut version. If the cut version is 121 minutes long, this uncut version will have a duration of 130 minutes, Japanese animated fantasy action-adventure film.

KKN at the Dancer Village stars Adinda Thomas, Tissa Biani, Aghniny Haque, Achmad Megantara, Calvin Jeremy, Fajar Nuga, Aulia Sarah, Diding Boneng, Kiki Narendra, Andri Mashadi, Aty Cander, and Dewi Sri. The film was also directed by Awi Suryadi and produced by MD Pictures.

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