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The Classic Sitcom Night Court is Back With a Reboot

With the return of Night Court in the form of an NBC reboot, the question of what happened to Christine Sullivan after the original series ended looms large. Played by the late Markie Post, Public Defender Christine Sullivan was introduced as a temporary addition to the court during Night Court season 2. Christine proved popular as a character and Post joined the cast as a series regular in Night Court season 3, remaining with the show until it came to a close after nine seasons.

The final season of Night Court was infamously erratic, leaving fans hoping that the Night Court reboot would resolve some questions left open by the confusing series’ finale. Chief among these was the final fate of Christine Sullivan, who left the court after confessing her love for Judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson) and being elected to Congress. Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) likewise resigned, so that he could follow Christine in the hope of winning her heart.

Night Court Reboot Says Nothing About Christine’s Fate

Unfortunately, the Night Court reboot reveals nothing directly about what happened to Christine Sullivan. The new series centers around newbie judge Abby Stone (Melissa Rauch), as she is assigned to the same Manhattan criminal court her father presided over three decades earlier. The Night Court reboot’s episode 1 doesn’t say who Abby’s mother is, and Dan Fielding is revealed to have been married to a woman named Sarah. While this does address Dan Fielding’s quest for redemption for his womanizing ways, it does beg the question of what happened to the woman he quit his job to pursue.

Why It’s Unlikely Christine Married Harry

When the Night Court reboot was announced as centering around Harry Stone’s daughter, it seemed possible that the revival would reveal that Harry and Christine finally got married and settled down together. The two were teased as a romantic pairing repeatedly over the course of Night Court’s final six seasons and Christine kissed Harry in the series finale, saying that she would miss him the most out of everyone she was leaving behind. This ending was also teased in the 30 Rock episode “The One with the Cast of Night Court,” where the 30 Rock cast gave Night Court their own series finale that ended with Harry and Christine getting married.

However, it seems unlikely that Harry and Christine married in the Night Court universe prior to the reboot. The pilot episode has Dan comment upon Harry Stone’s passing when he meets Abby for the first time, but he says nothing about her mother. This implies that Christine is not Abby’s mother, as Dan would be sure to inquire about her welfare.

Hopefully, a future episode will reveal what happened to Christine Sullivan, if only in a passing comment as Dan Fielding muses about his past. Markie Post was a major part of the original series’ success and her contributions deserve to be acknowledged just as much as Harry Anderson’s were. The Night Court reboot owes it to her memory to give Christine Sullivan’s story the closure it didn’t get in the original Night Court finale.

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