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Tom Sizemore: the tough man who stood up to the biggest names in Hollywood

A perfect cast is a rarity in an actor’s career – star or supporting role – but it happened to Tom Sizemore in the late ’90s, just as he was starting to become famous for his roles. the role of the unscrupulous tough guy, but also because of his drug addiction. . Personal life. Steven Spielberg offered him the role of Sgt. Mike Horvath in Saving Private Ryan, and told him he would be drug tested at the end of each day of prime photography and that his scenes would be re-shot with someone else.

Sizemore stays clean and plays a brave, muscular, brave soldier who will be Captain John Miller’s loyal subordinate, played by Tom Hanks, Miller is a high school teacher in civilian life. incident, in 1944, was assigned the job of an almost hopeless, illusory mission to rescue a certain soldier in occupied France for humanitarian reasons because the man’s three brothers had died in action. All the tricks and manners that Sizemore has cultivated for her heady roles, her penchant for action and slightly sweaty violence, her bulging eyes, her disdain for the rule and her ruthless personality. him, all of these personality traits were reversed and offset and even
was celebrated by his devoted military character.

He was a bad guy, sure, but now he’s a bad guy for Uncle Sam, fighting the Nazis.Sizemore was Hanks’ caring officer friend and confidant, and was ready to draw a gun on any of his platoons that dared to question their captain’s orders. In this group: Jeremy Davies, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Goldberg, Vin Diesel, Edward Burns and Sizemore, maybe Vin Diesel was put in the movie, but at the time it was Sizemore that stood out, because he He has something he has never had before and will never have again: a heart of gold.

In addition to Spielberg, Sizemore had another important ally and friend: Robert De Niro, who was later credited with forcing Sizemore into rehab: Sizemore co-starred with De Niro in this delightful and lighthearted film. Irwin Winkler’s review of Hollywood’s “red fear”. Guilty on Suspicion in 1991, in which Sizemore played the Bullying Machine of the House African American Activity Committee, was based on Roy Cohn. De Niro gave him a role in Michael Mann’s 1995 powerful action film Heat, playing Michael Cheritto, one of the team members working for De Niro’s criminal super-thief Napoleon, Neil McCauley. Sizemore is tough, gray, loyal and he seems to fit the role, but he’s always been overshadowed by
Al Pacino and De Niro.

He had a more interesting villain role in Oliver Stone’s 1994 Natural Born Killers, based on the story idea of ​​rising crime writer Quentin Tarantino. Sizemore stars as Detective Jack Scagnetti, a sinister cop who is obsessed with hunting down murderers with personal reasons to be obsessed and a violent personality himself. It might be interesting to see Sizemore star in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs alongside Michael Madsen and Chris Penn.

Sizemore landed the lead cop role in the 1997 horror film The Relic, opposite Penelope Ann Miller, a role once assigned to Harrison Ford, who instead sunk the film and said he’s no interest: Full Sizemore came in for short notice and did its best with a movie that wasn’t a hit, but not the blockbuster that people feared. But then the ’90s passed and Sizemore’s career was on the decline.

Ridley Scott’s 2001 noir war film Black Hawk Down gave him another military role as the capable and cynical Lieutenant Colonel Danny McKnight – but without the character’s interest in the villains. dialogue scene with Hanks that he had in Saving Private Ryan. Sizemore was a victim of the industry, a victim of drugs, a victim of the Roaring 90s and it’s a shame he couldn’t find a director to develop the softer, softer side of his performer personality. . But saving Private Ryan wouldn’t be good without him.

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