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Warner Bros. Still Working on Black Superman Movie?

As we all know, Superman is one of DC’s mainstay characters that cannot be separated from every universe. Without exception, the DCEU cinema universe was founded in 2013 through the film Superman’ Henry Cavill, entitled Man of Steel. For the DCEU movies itself, Superman’s fate was actually unclear after the ‘death’ of SnyderVerse’s vision in 2017. But now Superman Cavill seems ready to return with Man of Steel 2. So, what about the fate of the Black Superman reboot?

Black Superman is a black version of Superman, which now has at least two characters holding the title, namely Calvin Ellis and Val-Zod. When the fate of Superman’ Cavill was uncertain, Warner Bros. Discovery with J.J. Abrams did announce this non-DCEU project in 2021. With Ta-Nehisi Coates writing the script. Now, even though WBD intends to continue the development of Man of Steel 2 after Black Adam 2 film, it turns out that the Black Superman project is still continuing.

Development of Black Superman Still WBD Continues

Having previously reported that WBD is looking for a Man of Steel 2 writer, The Hollywood Reporter has again revealed that WBD is still continuing the Black Superman project. However, for now it is still unclear whether Abrams is still involved or not. Considering some time ago there were many DC projects from Abrams that WBD finally had to cancel, such as Madame X and Constantine.

Actually, it’s not strange if the two Superman projects are still running, because basically they are not in the same universe. In the comics, Calvin Ellis is Superman who exists on Earth-23, while Val-Zod is on Earth-2. So while WBD continues Cavill’s Superman saga with Man of Steel 2, the Black Superman reboot could also go hand in hand in the DC Multiverse. Similar to the films The Batman and Joker, which are currently continuing with their respective sequels.

With this latest report, at least Black Superman fans don’t have to worry because the WBD film project is still continuing. Unfortunately, for now there is still no news of updates regarding the development of the script and the cast, as well as the director who will work on this film. We’ll just have to follow what happens next.

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