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“WHEEL OF TIME” Series Adds New Borderlands Castmembers For Season 2

Amazon’s Wheel of Time TV series has added a number of new actors to its roster for the end of Season 1 and then into Season 2, which is currently shooting.

First up, Amazon have confirmed the long-rumoured casting of Thomas Chaanhing as Lord Agelmar Jagad. Chaanhing is a Danish actor who has appeared in projects such as Pros & Cons, Equinox and Marco Polo. His character is a fan-favourite from the books.

Lord Agelmar commands the frontier fortress of Fal Dara in the Borderland kingdom of Shienar. Fal Dara guards the entrance to Tarwin’s Gap, the main invasion route into the northern Westlands from the Great Blight, and as such it is part of a martial society where men and women are dedicated to the fight against the Dark One. Agelmar is a key ally of Moiraine and the other Aes Sedai. He is expected to appear at the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver is an American-Danish-Korean actress, best known for appearing in The Bridge and the video game Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. She is playing Lady Amalisa Jagad, Lord Agelmar’s sister. She is expected to appear in the last two episodes of Season 1 and possibly the start of Season 2.

British actor Gregg Chilingirian (A Discovery of Witches, Da Vinci’s Demons, Being Human) has been cast as Lord Ingtar Shinowa, a Shienaran nobleman and soldier, and one of Agelmar’s most trusted lieutenants. He is expected to debut in the first episode of The Wheel of Time’s second season. Some reports indicate that Amar Chadha-Patel had been cast in the role of Ingtar in the final two episodes of Season 1, but when he picked up a higher-profile role in the Disney+ series Willow, his character was renamed as Lord Yakota instead, though this is unconfirmed.

See the confirmed here:

Guy Roberts is a noted Shakespearean actor who founded the Prague Shakespeare Company, an English-language theatre in the Czech Republic. Most of his work has been on stage, but he has also provided voice acting for Japanese anime series, and has appeared in the TV series Borgia, Legends and Hanna. In Wheel of Time, he is playing Uno Nomesta, a grizzled Shienaran warrior with a reputation for honesty, steadfastness and constant swearing. He is under Ingtar’s command and is one of his best soldiers.

Possibly the best-known of the new intake is Arnas Fedaravicius, a Lithuanian actor who rose to success in Thicker Than Water before being cast as Sihtric in The Last Kingdom, where he became a fan-favourite actor. He recently wrapped filming on the fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom, which is expected to air on Netflix in 2022.

It is as yet unconfirmed if he will be returning for the forthcoming TV movie, Seven Kings Must Die. Fedaravicius is playing Masema Dagar, a Shienaran soldier under Ingtar’s command and a comrade of Uno’s. Masema is noted for his suspicion of outsiders and his commitment to the Light. Book readers will know that Masema is a minor character who increases in importance in later books. Both Roberts and Fedaravicius are expected to debut early in Season 2.

The Wheel of Time is currently shooting its second season in the Czech Republic, and is expected to wrap after Christmas. The series is currently airing its first season, with the sixth of eight episodes, The Flame of Tar Valon, due to air this Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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