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Yeon Woo-jin Says New Ardour-filled Film Highlights Humanity

In the imminent R-rated romance movie “Serve the People,” actor Yeon Woo-jin completely destroys the tender photo that he’s created of himself in his prior romantic comedies. Yeon performs a easy peasant soldier, keen to delight his superiors in a bid to get promoted. That is until he meets Su-ryeon (played by way of Jiahn), the spouse of a effective navy commander and the duo begin a passionate love affair. Adapted from the famous Chinese novel “Serve the People!” by way of Yan Lianke, the film is about on an imaginary communist country. The individual that Yeon portrays is Moo-kwang, a low-ranking soldier who’s despatched to prepare dinner for the household of a powerful military parent. Moo-kwang’s sole lifestyles purpose is to get a advertising and pass his own family — his spouse and his younger son — to a city and steady a consistent activity and a solid lifestyles. Then he meets Su-ryeon. He is ordered to attend to her needs within the 2nd-ground bedroom each time the wood ‘Serve the People’ signal is removed from its usual area on the dinner desk.

Yeon Woo-jin, left, portrays a low-ranking soldier who offers into his dreams and engages in a passionate affair. [MEDIA GROUP]

“What I idea this movie become approximately changed into, below the pretense of affection, how raw and express humans can turn out to be as they pursue their goals and delight, and the emptiness which comes alongside at the very stop of that road,” Yeon said at some point of a press interview on Thursday. “I suppose that even a soldier with iron-clad will and backbone who has set his eyes simplest on his dreams, is only a susceptible human in front of preference. He continues to searching for other goals, have a flavor of what it appears like to be at the top quit of the social hierarchy, and he has a hazard to vent his anger [to Su-ryeon] as an identical, now not as a submissive servant. He is encroached on by means of these desires and these goals lead him to pursue bigger goals […] I notion the most crucial factor of our film became to portray the massive emptiness which comes at the end of that pursuit, and on the quit, what type of selections he makes as he instinctively follows his nature. It made me ask questions like if ideology has any that means at all compared to human nature, and what does it exist for.” Yeon additionally gave his mind on a particularly scathing press assessment that said “the actors have been fed on uselessly for the intimate scenes.” “I don’t think that the scenes are meaningless,” he said. “It become the handiest way to portray a story, a individual who’s knee-deep in delight. We did deliberate lots about how to reveal these scenes, and the level of intimacy shown in the film can be shocking for a few. Nonetheless, we idea those scenes had been vital — to reveal more than what all people has imagined in order that the hollowness that the characters sense at the quit can be outlined greater really.”

Yeon as Moo-kwang, a once simple-minded soldier whose sole motive lay in getting a merchandising in order that he may want to steady a strong lifestyles for him and his circle of relatives [JN MEDIA GROUP]

Yeon stated that his perspective for the film changed as he portrayed the individual. “I first concept the distinctness of this movie lay in portrayinghuman’s unconventional love, but as time went on, I felt that it turned into about highlighting numerous sorts of humanity and the way they each pursue their desires under a rigid social structure.” The actor considered this position as taking a large step in the direction of a mission, some thing that he’s been heading off in his acting profession. “Prior to this film, I suppose I broadly speaking preferred [roles or works] that felt comfortable for me,” he stated. “If I’d persevered to stay that way, I might have never selected this position. That’s how a whole lot of a challenge this movie has been for me. I understand that no longer all of the target market may additionally see how plenty tough work I put into this role, however if they might glimpse even one percentage of the effort, then that’s sufficient for me.” The film is ready to be released in local theaters on Feb. 23.

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